Break me into bigger pieces, so some of me is home with you.

Letter of Intent

I know Jefe from my hometown of Gunnison, CO, and the dude is amazing. He rides. every. single. day. and shreds. He rides further, faster and funner than anyone I know, and he’s the most humble guy out there. You got it, Jefe, go crush the divide!


Everyday I confront the question of riding the Divide again.

nite ride 5-21-14 006

Some wonder, why do it again? There are countless other challenges and adventures out there. The TD doesn’t just leave you once you’ve rolled through Antelope Wells. It is there, for me, with all it’s glory and misery every time I close my eyes. I can see the seemingly endless misty rolling mountainsides of Northern Montana, feel the mighty winds of the Great Basin and taste the stale crack of dried lips deep in the washboards of the Gila.

getting pummeled

Good and evil, I want to be out there again. Miles and miles from home, nothing to do but ride my bike as far as I can. Everyday pushing myself to the limit, deep in the pain cave, all the while soaking up every minute from sunrise to sunset, smiling the smile of true love. For all the pain, discomfort and…

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