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A (non-)ode to Bad Coffee

Student life; you’ve caused me strife,

poverty cuts like a knife.

Student loans, they chill my bones,

but for caffeine my tummy moans.

The swill I drink is black as ink,

“This is not coffee,” I think,

“It tastes of bark, of soil too,

it turns my gut and makes it stew,

Free trade?!  Bah!  Not a chance!”

The coffee label, at first glance,

looks more like a hardware bin

than the tin good beans are in.

I choke it down and do my best

to allow my stomach to digest.

“At least it’s hot,” I justify

but lo, my taste buds do not lie,

the budget beans that I did try

the cheapest you could ever buy,

are not worth the savings of the dough.

This cheap, bad coffee gives me woe,

to save me from future self pity,

I won’t buy coffee that is so shitty.


Written by a literate, privileged white male who, admittedly, made too big of a deal about bad coffee.



Grand Canyon Highlights






Sunny, long days on the river were complemented most days by breathtaking hikes into side canyons and sometimes up ancient stone walls.





Options are a good thing. With four duckies and four oar rigs, we had the opportunity to switch our method of transportation. Floating low and slow with Mikey.


And there were rapids. Oh, were there rapids! Ted and his minions, taking the fun line right through Hance.,


Your’s truly, learning to row. I took the oars on the second day and piloted our vessel through the roaring twenties. Trial by fire!


How many people can fit on a ducky? I bet we could have squeezed in one more…


I got the Mat-Cat-Ameboa blues!!!

grand canyon 13 078_edited-1

After a good day on the water and some hiking around camp, we’d usually kickback telling stories and drinking beer. The river life is the life for me.

grand canyon 13 095_edited-1

It’s time to start permit-strategizing! Can’t wait to go back!