Break me into bigger pieces, so some of me is home with you.

Blog blog, blog blog blog. Blog!

Typically, it starts out with a vague statement.

Yes, it sounds trite, but it tends to work.  The next few sentences usually begin to add color and context to that vague statement, giving the reader an indication to where the post is going.  Many writers use this style, similar to a newscast or article.  The momentum gets rolling and the ideas are clearly stated:  this post is all about posting.   A posting inception.  META POST.  Once the introduction is done, it will transition into the body, providing details to the main ideas.  After that, the post will wrap up in a nice, neat conclusion.  You’ll see.

There are a few important things to make sure you do when writing the body of the blog post.  You must make sure your reader is still with you, and to do that you’ve got to say something eye-catching: the secrets all lie in the details.  Now, obviously you’ll need to back up that claim.  You can do that a number of ways, but the most useful is probably providing examples.  “I’m making this up as I go along,” or possibly something like, “You realize you’re reading a post about posting, right?” would work.  The body really ties the whole post together.  After all, it’s the reason you’re posting!  Why would you post just and introduction and a conclusion?  What did it introduce?  What did it conclude!?  You see my point.  And your reader will too.  Make sure your final couple of sentences of your body paragraph propels the reader into your conclusion paragraph, or else they might not take the time to read it.  What a mistake that would be!  The conclusion is where it all comes back together!

And finally, we’ve arrived.  The conclusion pretty much writes itself.  As long as your introduction and body can stand on their own, you’ve got nothing to worry about.  You’ve already described the main points of your idea previously, your conclusion is only here to highlight them and remind the forgetful reader what he’s just read.  Which was a meta blog post about posting.  Sure, some might say it’s a waste of time, to read something so trivial.  Others would argue that it gave them insight and maybe, at the least, a chuckle or two.  That was your goal, you sly dog!  You did it!  Beyond that, there isn’t much else to do in the conclusion.  Make sure you don’t leave your faithful reader hanging, and then send them on their way.  It’s classy to direct a statement at them towards the end as well.  They made it this far, don’t they deserve a pat on the back?

Well, don’t you?

Thanks for reading.

(No, you cannot have those three minutes of your life back.)

(Also, the video that may or may not have inspired this post.)


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