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Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  As coy as I try to play sometimes, I’m not much for subtlety and fall offers a very stark and obvious change in the seasons, one that an observer can measure in the golds, reds and oranges sweeping across the hill side.  The dipping mercury is a dead give-away, as is the inevitable frost that reappears each crisp autumn morning, growing more and more obvious as the weeks progress.

It’s a great time to ride a mountain bike.

Go for a hike.

Or enjoy some time with friends.

(Picture missing.  Oh no, where are my friends?!  I swear, they’re still on my camera, I just don’t have it with me…)

The cold winter months are fast approaching.  They have no regard for how much you or I accomplished this summer, nor what we have planned.  Ominous?  Yes.  Soon our valley will be awash in white, the days will be short and the temperature low.  Not much hay left to be made, so get out there and appreciate the waning days of fall.