Break me into bigger pieces, so some of me is home with you.

Day 2: Macheme to Shira camp

Day 2

We awoke to Gasper, our server, knocking on the nylon of our tent.  Groggily, I unzipped the door.

“Coffee or tea?” he asked, holding a tray with an assortment of morning beverages.

What a way to wake up.

Kyle, my tent-mate (and all around cool guy, check out his long-term cause at and I sat in our tent in disbelief about where we were and what we were doing.  “Oh, just having a cup of coffee in my tent on Kilimanjaro. What are you doing today?”  It was time to pack up and get moving for our second effort of the trip.  Our mission today was to reach Shira Camp at around 12,000 ft.

Breakfast was served.  Each morning we could count on porridge, fruit and sausage (and every once in a while, eggs.)  The sausage was actually hot dogs and the porridge was akin to watered down Malt-o-Meal, but I ate ever last bit I could stomach.  Your body works a lot differently at high elevations, and I had discovered how much fuel mine needed each day.

The morning began in a dense, lush rain forest setting but quickly transitioned into more barren  moorlands.  Like, really quickly.  Like, in four steps.  The contrast between the previous ecosystem and the point to which we ascended was stark.  In a matter of feet it seemed that all had dried out and the thick vegetation was replaced with rocks and alpine grasses.  This section rose very quickly and we found ourselves on steep, switchbacking terrain.

Up, up, up we went, through the mist and out of the clouds.

Soon the sun was shining and we took a break for lunch.  A hot meal was waiting for us, prepared by Double D and Gasper.

Recharged and refreshed, we hit the trail again.  The terrain had leveled out a bit and we faced an ascending traverse to reach camp.  The hiking was a bit of connect-the-dots through boulders, finding the best line and stepping from rock to rock.  It was a fun change from the previous steep climbing.

We got to camp and were treated to beautifully wispy clouds, rolling over the lower peaks.

As the sun set, we prepared for the next day.


It’s good to be on a mountain.


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