Break me into bigger pieces, so some of me is home with you.

Collecting, sorting, packing

Planning and packing is half the excitement in taking a trip.  The possibilities are so vast and the potential experiences seem endless.  I’m deep in this stage currently.


  • What do I need?  What can I leave?  Is this the right gear?  What would I really like that maybe I’m forgetting?  The constant checking and double checking of gear and supplies is a daily chore, a light humming in the back of my mind.  I’m glad I already love gear, cause I’m starting to accumulate a bit more.  And luckily, I have tons of friends who have offered the use of some bits and pieces.


  • Flights.  Security.  Bags.  All fun stuff.  Yes, a big part of my job is travel related, so I’m pretty used to navigating airports and packing efficiently.  Still, that bit of anticipation comes through and gives me a mild case of the jitters.  Passport doesn’t expire for five more years, so I should be good.

Taking care of home

  • Oh!  I have a dog!  What should I do about little miss Friday?  Luckily I have an awesome roommate in SJohnson and my family lives in town.  Add to that a landlord who loves Friday and she ought to be well taken care of.
  • Mail, bills, work, etc.  Most of those things can be put off for an opportunity like this.  Hello, “Out of office auto-reply”, you’re my new best friend.  Automatic bill pay is a close second.

As my friend LJ says, “There’s so much to feel in the beginnings and endings.”  I’m feeling it all now.  More to come.


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