Break me into bigger pieces, so some of me is home with you.

Recent training

I’ve got a few good days in recently, but the weather had a bad habit of thwarting my big plans for multiple 14ers.  Rather than risk it, I decided to stay local for the week and tackled some of the backyard terrain.

I took a run up to the Snack Bar again, this time with dark clouds and threatening skys.  I never got more than a drizzle but moved a bit faster due to the approaching lightning.  My time up and back is getting faster and faster.

I ran up Mt. Crested Butte over the weekend as well.  I hadn’t been up to the top since EFreson and I took Sunset Ridge to the summit (a story for another post).  It’s an awesome mountain and I decided I’ll have to sink money into a pass this year.  I love it up there.  At the top, most of the tourists were pretty confused when I told them I started at the bottom rather than riding the chair.  Yes, people around here do that kind of thing.  Welcome.

And I spent Sunday dodging rain at Hartman Rocks.  The trails were strange: really buff and nice in some sections, deep sand and washed out in others.  Regardless, I had an awesome ride.  A couple crashes kept my attention.  The cloud cover made it nice and cool all day.  I hardly saw anyone.

The Gunnison valley is pretty magical, really.


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