Break me into bigger pieces, so some of me is home with you.

Trail work

Trail work. With pizza. And beer. Photo credit to Matt Burt,

We did some, *ahem*, trail work at Hartman Rocks yesterday.

At least, I THINK we can get away with calling it that.

Greg Moss from Denver’s 9 News came through and Dave Wiens from Gunnison Trails thought we’d show him a good time during the weekly trail work session.  Now, what would constitute a ‘good time’ in terms of trail work?  How about fresh out of the oven wood fired pizza (brought to you by the Dussaults Inner Fire Mobile, try the Figgy Piggy!) and a cooler full of beer?  …yup, that’ll do.

From what I understand, Greg was in town to get a sneak peak at Gunnison and Gunnison’s accouterments for this fall’s U.S. Pro Challenge.   I think a trip to Gunnison would be wasted if one failed to bask in the glory that is Hartman Rocks, so Greg was extended an invitation to Wiens’ work day.

Now, a certain blogger (definitely not me, you guys) may or may not have shown up a tad late (seriously, couldn’t possibly be me) and missed out on the heavy lifting.  By ‘heavy lifting’, I mean ‘all of the work’.  But you guys, I had an appointment and couldn’t make it on time!  Really.

After we waited for the lightning and light rain to pass, the pizza-mobile was fired up and merriment ensued.  I would most accurately classify the rain storm as a drizzle (Which brings to mind a favorite joke:  Why does Snoop Dogg carry an Umbrella?  Fo’ drizzle).  A bit more substantial of a storm and it could have done some serious trail work for us.  Either way, we’ll take the moisture.

Kudos to all parties involved during a most grueling and intense day of trail work.  I promise I’ll show up on time for the next one.  Especially if there’s pizza involved.


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