Break me into bigger pieces, so some of me is home with you.

It’s all about the gear

As a very influential mentor has told me throughout our relationship, “It’s all about the gear.”

In a recent presentation at work, this sentence came up: “You wouldn’t hit the trails without the right gear, so why would you prepare for (x) without being equipped with the right (y)?”

Both true statements.  Gear is an essential part of any outdoor pursuit, especially one as extensive and grueling as a 19,000 foot peak.  But gear is not just material.  Many (most?) atheletes consider their bodies a piece of equipment as well, something they’ve sculpted and altered over the years in an attempt to get the most efficient and well-tuned machine possible.  Hence, training.

This post is more about material gear.  I’ve been sent a detailed equipment list by the folks at Cancer Climber.  I’ve been collecting gear since I was on training wheels, but I’ve still got a few items to pick up:

  • Trekking boots- Embarrassing.  I’m selected to go on an expedition such as this and I lack proper trekking boots.  I have great trail runners and solid approach shoes.  When I go on a snow climb, my plan is to ski and thusly, I wear ski mountaineering boots.  I currently don’t have a pair of water proof, warm, hikeable boots.  I need to get these, and spend some quality time breaking them in.
  • Fleece/Synthetic pants- I need clarification on this item.  I’m not sure if I’m looking for a downfill pant or something else.  They need to be full zip, and I’m guessing pile works.
  • Shell pants- The theme of this post seems to be my bottom half lacking necessary equipment (don’t make that into a joke).  I have solid bib shell pants, but I don’t think that’s the type of pants that should be lugged up the mountain.
  • Glacier glasses- Function over fashion, right?  I have good wrap around polarized perscription sunnys that should work for this UNLESS glacier glasses are absolutely necessary.
  • Closed cell foam pad- I will also use my self-inflating Exped SynMat Basic 7.5, but in addition to this I need a closed cell foam pad as a ground layer.  Should be easy and cheap to pick up.

That’s it for gear I’m lacking.


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