Break me into bigger pieces, so some of me is home with you.

A good kind of tired

The past three days have been structured training.  I’ve been doing plyometrics, hill sprints, mountain bike rides and early morning runs.  I’ll add in some weight training this afternoon.

Yesterday before my ride I met with Dr. Scott Drumm, a great mentor of mine.  (Drumm has put an attempt into Denali (North America’s tallest point), summitted plenty of mountains throughout the states and abroad and is a super strong endurance runner.  In addition to being a great Exercise and Sport Science professor, I’m sure I’m missing a lot of his other accolades.)  I picked his brain on training and nutrition and he offered a lot of great insight.  Drumm helped me devise a rigorous training schedule that should help me summit Kili and still feel good.

Basically: get as high as possible as often as possible.  Sleep high.  Train high.

Of course, there are only so many possibilities for this type of training when one has a full time job five days of the week. So…

My weekends just got taken over by 14ers.

Before leaving for this expedition, I’d like to complete the following:

  • Trip 1
  • Mt. Harvard- 14,420′
  • Mt. Columbia- 14,073′
  • Trip 2
  • Mt. Oxford- 14,153′
  • Mt. Belford- 14,197
  • Missouri Mountain- 14,067′
  • Trip 3- DeCaLiBron
  • Mt. Democrat- 14,148′
  • Mt. Cameron- 14,238′
  • Mt. Lincoln- 14,286′
  • Mt. Bross- 14,172′

Ideally, the night before each of these trips I’ll sleep high at the trail head.

Ambitious?  Maybe.  So’s climbing the tallest mountain in Africa after surviving cancer twice.

As long as I listen to my body and don’t push it too far out of my comfort zone, I should be fine.  Right?  Right.

And obviously, I’ll be looking for training partners.  Anyone want to climb some mountains?


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